About Us, The Farm

The Cerrigones’ farm was born in 1994. As a matter of fact, Grandfather Vittorio already practised this trade and, moved by the wish to preserve this ancient occupation, we decided to devote ourselves to it and bring into it those improvements offered by modern technology.

The extravirgin olive oil produced by the Cerrigone Farm is a result of the great respect we feel towards the Italian olive-growing tradition.

Our farm is situated in Southern Italy, namely in Calabria, between the sea and the Sila forest, on the Ionian hills, about 250 m on the sea level and consists of 3.000 young trees planted in 10 hectares ( 24,71 acres).

Our olive varieties are: Nocellara del Belice, which gives oil an intense, harmonious fruit taste; Carolea, which tastes slightly sweet; the tender Ascolana, which tastes gently, with a soft touch of fruit.

Our extravirgin olive oil is exclusively made by olives grown in our farm in order to guarantee our customers the origin and typicalness of this precious nectar.

Our Aims

When we chose to resume this journey, we felt morally engaged to make every effort in reaching the highest quality, because we know very well that quality alone will enable us to safeguard and promote this traditional cultivation.